Born With Bad Teeth?

It is true – some people are just born with bad teeth – actually they are born with missing teeth, or malformed teeth or even extra teeth. In fact missing one or more teeth is probably our most common congenital defect affecting almost 20% of us. Most of us have 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth (including our wisdom teeth or 3rd molars).

The third molars are the most common teeth to be missing. These folks are actually lucky because most of us end up having our four wisdom teeth removed at some point in our lives. Wisdom teeth often come in crooked (impacted) and need to be removed. Even when third molars erupt correctly they are difficult to keep clean and often develop serious decay which requires their removal. A few unlucky folks actually have more than four wisdom teeth which will definitely need to be removed before they cause problems.

About five percent of the population are born without one or more second premolars or lateral incisors. Proper orthodontic care can make sure that children who are born without these teeth have a proper healthy bite. It is even more common that lateral incisors or other teeth are formed incorrectly. These patients often ask for a more “normal” looking smile.  Dental veneers and dental crowns allow us to give these patients the beautiful “normal” smile they have always wanted in just a couple of visits.

The good news is that modern dentistry including orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry can ensure that your smile is healthy, functional and beautiful no matter what teeth you were born with.

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