Dental Implants Fill the Gap

Do you have a gap in your smile because of a missing tooth? Dental implants can fill that gap. Two international  studies have just been published that demonstrate the excellent clinical performance of dental implants. Together these studies looked at more than one thousand implants in Europe, the … [Read more...]

Can Human Beings Replace Teeth Like Alligators?

Human beings only get two sets of teeth - the first set we lose as children when we gain our permanent set. Alligators keep replacing teeth throughout their lives and researchers are hoping they can serve as models for tooth replacement in human adults. Researchers from the University of Southern … [Read more...]

Lost a Tooth? Dental Implants Can Help

Lost one tooth or several? Don't feel bad  - about 69% of adults between the ages of 35 to 44 have lost at lease one tooth. The reasons range from accidents to gum disease to tooth decay. When you look at 74 year olds,  twenty-six percent of adults will have lost all of their permanent teeth. Living … [Read more...]

Think You Can’t Get Cavities In your 60’s or 70’s?

Think only kids get cavities? Think again. Many people find that when they get older the "golden years" bring lots of new cavities. Why would you suddenly start getting cavities when you are in your 60's or 70's? Often we can blame medications that are taken for other conditions. A common side … [Read more...]

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used to replace teeth that have been lost due to decay, gum disease or injury. Replacing missing teeth used to mean a bridge or partial denture. While bridges and partial dentures are still a choice for some, increasingly patients are choosing dental implants - many times we even … [Read more...]