Kids Bad Teeth Linked To Bullying

This probably doesn't come as a huge surprise, but kids with bad teeth are often bullied. A study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics found that teeth were the number one targeted facial feature! The study was conducted among 6th grade students in Amman, … [Read more...]

Top Excuses for Not Flossing

What's your excuse for not flossing? Only about half of us floss every day and 10% of Americans never floss which is too bad because flossing is vitally important for healthy teeth and gums. Here are some of the top excuses dentists hear from those who avoid flossing: I don't know how. OK, … [Read more...]

Dental Care Important For Seniors

Some people seem to think that once they get past a certain age they no longer need to visit the dentist. Not true, seniors need to visit the dentist regularly. In fact, good oral health is more important as we get older! Here are a few of the common oral health problems that our senior patients … [Read more...]

Candy That Prevents Cavities?

Candy that keeps you from getting cavities?  It seems too good to be true, but researchers have created a candy that can reduce the number of bad bacteria in your mouth without harming the good bacteria. We have lots of bacteria that live in our mouths, some of these bacteria are are good for us … [Read more...]

Is An Electric Toothbrush Better?

Is it better to use an electric toothbrush or a manual one? It is really your brushing technique, not the toothbrush, that makes the difference. Some people prefer one over the other and no matter which kind you use - you still need to floss and you still need to visit the dentist. Electric … [Read more...]