Is Your Prescription Hurting Your Teeth?

The use of certain types of prescription drugs can hurt your teeth.  Damage can include tooth decay, discoloration, gum disease and even mouth sores.Certain medications can harm teeth according to Rothfus Family Dental.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by certain antibiotics including liquid forms of the drugs. Tetracycline can cause permanent tooth discoloration in children under 10 and pregnant women who are exposed to tetracycline may give birth to babies with the condition. Liquid amoxicillin was found to be a cause of tooth discoloration cases in a study completed in The Netherlands.

A little bit of fluoride is a wonderful way to prevent cavities but too much can lead to discolored or pitted enamel on the teeth.

Anti-seizure Medications  are vitally important medicines but are known to promote the grown of excess gum tissues which can interfere with good oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist can control this problem.

Chewing aspirin  can lead to mouth sores caused by irritating the tissues of the mouth. The surface of the tooth can also be damaged.

Reduced saliva or dry mouth is a side effect of lots of different medications. Dry mouth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease because our saliva is an important part of keeping our mouths clean throughout the day. Check the prescription insert to see if dry mouth is a side effect. Ask us about your options for treating dry mouth.

Do not stop taking your medications without the advice of your physician. It is always best to discuss possible side effects of any new prescription with your doctor.

Tooth staining or enamel pitting caused by medications does not  respond to dental bleaching.  Dental veneers are a wonderful option for restoring a discolored smile to its original (or better) brightness and whiteness.

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