Looking for Love – Smile

If you are looking for love this Valentine’s Day remember to smile! The dating website Match.com has discovered what dentists already know – a nice smile is the number one item on the list for singles looking for love.Rothfus Family Dental can give your smile a makeover.

The dating site conducted a three year survey of participants and discovered that looks are important. But what was surprising to many was the top physical attribute that singles look at was a great smile. 75% of women judged men based on their smile and 58% of the men placed smiles in the same category. Good hair ranked 3rd for men and 4th for women – interesting considering I read that Americans spend $100 billion on hair care products each year but only $2 billion on dental care products!

Such feelings don’t surprise biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, a professor at Rutgers University who helped develop the survey. “From a Darwinian perspective, good teeth are a real indication of your health — how much you drink, smoke, what you’re eating,” she says. A 24 year old man who was interviewed agreed that “teeth are very important” in a potential date. “Taking care of your teeth is a good indicator of hygiene.”

If your smile is less than perfect there are several ways that cosmetic dentistry can help. Teeth begin to yellow and stain as we age so if you have a straight smile that is just a little dingy then a simple tooth whitening may be all you need. If you have teeth that are slightly crooked or chipped then dental veneers can reshape your teeth to give you a dental makeover. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Find out more about your cosmetic dentistry options by contacting Rothfus Family Dental in Medford, OR today at 541-858-7994 to schedule your consultation. We can offer lots of options for a beautiful smile.

Want to know what both men and women ranked as number 2 int he survey?  Good grammar – so remember to thank your English teacher!