Laser Periodontal Treatment

Dr. Karla Rothfus has taken great pride in her dental hygienists. She feels she has been blessed to find three individuals that share the same philosophy as she does. The doctor continually receives compliments about her hygienists, regarding how thorough, gentle, and caring they are. In many cases, you spend more time with the hygienist than you do the dentist, so it is extremely important that this individual is professional and uses education to help your attain your dental goals.

Oral Hygiene

The condition of your “gums”, is very important.  Bleeding puffy gums are not normal.  Your gums should not bleed when brushed.  If your scalp bled when you brushed your hair, you would run to the emergency room as fast as you could.  However, people believe that a “small” amount of bleeding is normal.

Laser Periodontal Treatment in Medford, Oregon

We can’t stress enough, bleeding equals inflammation and can lead to various dental diseases. Although, many people associate going to the dentist with fixing teeth, we like to think of the gums and the boney support structures as the foundation.  Anyone who understands building, knows that the most important thing about building a house is to start with a strong foundation.  It is the basis for everything we do in dentistry. If the gums are not cleaned properly a condition can quickly form called gingivitis.


Gingivitis is due to the long-term effects of plaque deposits. Plaque is a sticky material made of bacteria, mucus, and food debris that develops on the exposed parts of the teeth. It is a major cause of tooth decay. If you do not remove plaque, it turns into a hard deposit called tartar that becomes trapped at the base of the tooth. Plaque and tartar irritate and inflame the gums. Bacteria and the toxins they produce cause the gums to become infected, swollen, and tender. Factors that increase your risk for gingivitis include general illness, poor dental hygiene, pregnancy, uncontrollable diabetes. If left untreated, gingivitis can progress into an even more aggressive condition called periodontitis, or periodontal disease.


Periodontitis occurs when inflammation or infection of the gums (gingivitis) is untreated or treatment is delayed. Infection and inflammation spreads from the gums (gingiva) to the ligaments and bone that support the teeth. Loss of support causes the teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. Periodontitis is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. This disorder is uncommon in childhood but increases during adolescence.

Plaque and tartar accumulate at the base of the teeth. Inflammation causes a pocket to develop between the gums and the teeth, which fills with plaque and tartar. Soft tissue swelling traps the plaque in the pocket. Continued inflammation eventually causes destruction of the tissues and bone surrounding the tooth. Because plaque contains bacteria, infection is likely and a tooth abscess may also develop, which increases the rate of bone destruction.

Laser Peridontal Treatment in Medford Oregon

At Rothfus Family Dental, we take this very seriously.  We want you to understand your dental condition, and the treatment options you have.  The goal of our treatment is the destruction of the harmful bacteria that cause these conditions.  Unlike cleanings of the past, where the hygienist scraped off the hard tartar deposits and were satisfied when they were removed… the hygienists at Rothfus Family Dental take your “cleaning to another level”.

Laser Peridontal Treatment in Medford Oregon

Laser Peridontal Treatment in Medford OregonThe hygienist’s utilize cutting edge technology to assure that you have the best results possible.  A high powered ultrasonic scaler is used to disrupt and destroy the colonies of bacteria that reside inside the pocket that surrounds each and every tooth.  Our hygienists use warm water for your comfort and a gentle yet effective technique.

From there the hygienist may determine that you would benefit from a Laser Periodontal Treatment.  This is where we at Rothfus Family Dental (Medford, Oregon Dentist) separate ourselves from the rest of the Medford, Oregon dental community.

The hygienist uses a completely pain free diode laser to completely destroy the bacterial colonies.  This is cutting edge technology and is available right here in Southern Oregon.

Rothfus Family Dental

At Rothfus Family Dental, it’s our goal to provide you with the highest level of dental care in a safe and caring environment.  We want to be there for your entire family, whether you’re 3 or 103.

 Rothfus Family Dental in Medford, OregonProviding most aspects of dentistry in one location makes us a true Medford, Oregon general dental practice.  We also utilize the most advanced dental techniques, equipment and materials, so that the dentistry you receive will last for many years to come.

Earning your trust and treating you how we would want to be treated is the basis we want to build our dental relationship on.  We want to be your dental care provider for a lifetime, and we want to make you a raving fan of our office.

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