Restorative Dentistry

 Restorative Dentistry in Medford, OregonThe Modern Age of Restorative Dentistry

Gone are the old days of the silver mercury fillings and black metal crowns.  At Rothfus Family Dental, we utilize cutting edge dental materials to provide you with the most conservative, lifelike restorative dentistry available.  With the advent of porcelain and zirconia, we can make beautiful long lasting crowns and bridges that will provide years of quality service and mimic the original properties of enamel.

State-of-the-Art Restorative Dentistry Technology

Due to environmental changes, many people have developed allergies to certain things like nickel.  For example, many women have developed this nickel sensitivity when it comes to wearing jewelry.  Red burning rashes are no fun and we don’t want that material right next to your gums.  Nickel was used in the base metals under crowns years ago and in some cases, it’s still used today.  Also, with concerns over potential exposure to mercury in silver fillings, people are demanding materials that steer clear of these undesirable characteristics.  Quite frankly, with technology being what it is today, there is no need to use those materials.

Here are some examples of the restorative dentistry we offer:

  • Composite (white) tooth colored fillings.  Some people refer to these as “bonding”.  Teeth are prepared, cleaned, and a resin tooth matched filling is light cured onto the surface of the tooth.  These fillings do not contain mercury, and are much more forgiving on the tooth.
  • Crowns and bridges (also known as caps) are mostly made from strong ceramic materials.  They look like teeth, and have very similar properties to your natural tooth structure.   No more black metal lines at the gum line.
  • We make life like dentures and partials.  The best compliment we get is when someone says, “They don’t look like denture teeth”!  We know how important that is to your confidence, and we use the most artistic labs to make sure you get the best results.  We are even using Valplast™ partials.  They are unique because they contain no metal, they are light and flexible, and they are much more esthetic than the old metal/plastic partials.
  • We provide all forms of preventive dentistry.  From sealants, that protect the grooves on your teeth so you don’t get cavities, to night guards, cleanings, and fluoride treatments.  We’ve got you covered!
  • Root canal treatments have a bad reputation.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  In over 90% of root canal treatments, the procedure goes smoothly and efficiently, and virtually “pain free”.  With better numbing agents, we take our time and make certain you are comfortable before we proceed.  We want you to say, “WOW!  That was easy.”  We hear that a lot at Rothfus Family Dental.  With our caring team of professionals, your comfort is one of our primary concerns.
  • Dental tooth extractions are sometimes an inevitable part of life for some people.  We can be hard on our teeth, and in some cases, teeth can only take so much.  If you need an extraction, the doctor at Rothfus Family Dental can usually gently remove the tooth while you are completely numb.  No putting “a knee on your chest” here!  We try and gently finesse the tooth out.  As Dr. Karla calls it, “We, sweet talk it out.”  If you require to be “put to sleep” to remove your tooth, we will refer you to an oral surgeon with the expertise and facilities to do that.  Your comfort is our goal, and we want you to get the best results.

Rothfus Family Dental

At Rothfus Family Dental, it’s our goal to provide you with the highest level of dental care in a safe and caring environment.  We want to be there for your entire family, whether you’re 3 or 103.

 Rothfus Family Dental in Medford, OregonProviding most aspects of dentistry in one location makes us a true Medford, Oregon general dental practice.  We also utilize the most advanced dental techniques, equipment and materials, so that the dentistry you receive will last for many years to come.

Earning your trust and treating you how we would want to be treated is the basis we want to build our dental relationship on.  We want to be your dental care provider for a lifetime, and we want to make you a raving fan of our office.

We provide Medford, Oregon family dentistry and Rogue Valley dental services.  Call us today to schedule a dental appointment.  You’ll be happy you did, because at Rothfus Family Dental, we are… “Making Smiles Happen, Daily.”  Medford, Oregon Family Dentistry – (541) 858-7994   HOURS 8AM-4PM