Relaxing Dentistry

If fear or anxiety is preventing you from getting the dental care you need, Dr. Karla Rothfus has options for you.  Dentistry has a reputation for being something most people do when they have to and for being a place that is “painful”.  Luckily with recent advancements in technology, we are able to make going to the dentist a much more relaxing and pain free experience.

Sedation Dentistry in Medford, Oregon

Our Goal is to Reduce Your Stress while at the Dentist

The reduction of stress starts from the minute you walk through our front door.  The warm inviting décor and the warm smiling faces at the greeting area, are there to welcome you.  Our goal is to bring you back for your appointment and minimize your “waiting” time.  Then you are invited to complimentary services like a warm relaxing paraffin hand bath, or watch overhead televisions with noise cancellation headphones.  Procedures are done in a timely and efficient manner to make your visit as quick and seamless as possible.  We know how important your time is and we take great pride in valuing it as much as you do.

Nitrous Oxide “Gas”

If these items aren’t enough and you still have dental anxiety, we can accommodate those needs also.  The doctor routinely uses nitrous oxide to help you reduce your stress level. The “gas” as it is called, seems to take the edge off.  Many people have had bad experiences at the dental office as children, and we want to change all that.   The nitrous oxide is breathed through the nose and when the procedure is over, a steady stream of oxygen flushes it from your system, you are free to leave without assistance and resume your day.

Medication before Your Appointment to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

You may find that you are more nervous right before your appointment or even the day before.  Have you ever cancelled an appointment at the last minute because you were just plain scared?  It’s ok to admit that you don’t enjoy going to the dentist.  I’m sure you don’t need to be told, that the longer you wait to get treatment done, the worse it is, both on you emotionally and financially.  The doctor can prescribe medication for you to take the night before your appointment, and then again about an hour before your appointment.  You will need someone to drive you to and from your dental appointment, but you will feel relaxed and ready to get things done.  Just knowing you made it through the appointment, and having caring professional individuals working with you is often enough to relieve most dental fears.

At Rothfus Family Dental, we take pride in serving the entire Medford, Oregon community.  It is our goal to turn everyone in our practice into “Raving Fans.”  We want you to go out and when someone tells you they need a dentist, we want you to be able to say, “Go to my dentist at Rothfus Family Dental!  They are the best!”  When you can say that, we know we have done what we set out to do.

Rothfus Family Dental

At Rothfus Family Dental, it’s our goal to provide you with the highest level of dental care in a safe and caring environment.  We want to be there for your entire family, whether you’re 3 or 103.

 Rothfus Family Dental in Medford, OregonProviding most aspects of dentistry in one location makes us a true Medford, Oregon general dental practice.  We also utilize the most advanced dental techniques, equipment and materials, so that the dentistry you receive will last for many years to come.

Earning your trust and treating you how we would want to be treated is the basis we want to build our dental relationship on.  We want to be your dental care provider for a lifetime, and we want to make you a raving fan of our office.

We provide Medford, Oregon family dentistry and Rogue Valley dental services.  Call us today to schedule a dental appointment.  You’ll be happy you did, because at Rothfus Family Dental, we are… “Making Smiles Happen, Daily.”  Medford, Oregon Family Dentistry – (541) 858-7994   HOURS 8AM-4PM