Top Excuses for Not Flossing

What’s your excuse for not flossing? Only about half of us floss every day and 10% of Americans never floss which is too bad because flossing is vitally important for healthy teeth and gums.Why aren't you flossing every day - here are tips from Rothfus Family Dental.

Here are some of the top excuses dentists hear from those who avoid flossing:

  • I don’t know how. OK, flossing is not the easiest thing to get the hang of, but it isn’t rocket science either. Your dental hygienist can teach you proper flossing techniques or you could search for a video online.
  • Food doesn’t stick between my teeth so I don’t need to floss. Floss is a great tool for removing food stuck between teeth but that isn’t the only reason we tell patients to floss every day. Even when you brush your teeth really well there is still a lot of tooth surface you can’t reach – flossing removes the bacteria between teeth.
  • I’m uncoordinated or have a problem with my hands. There are options for people with arthritis or other problems that can’t use regular floss. Floss holders are sold at most drugstores and dollar stores and are very easy to use. Special tiny brushes that fit between teeth are another option or you could try a water flosser.
  • My dental work makes it impossible to floss. Floss threaders are designed to enable you to floss around your dental work or even dental braces.
  • The floss shreds when I try to use it. Shredding floss means that some old dental work is starting to break down or there is tooth decay. Contact your dentist and let them check the problem area for you.

Some people don’t floss because they complain that it hurts. If you feel pain or your gums bleed when you floss that is a pretty good sign that you have developed gum disease. However, flossing is exactly what you need to keep doing if you have gum disease.

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