Our Team

Our Team – You’re in good hands…

Dr. Karla Rothfus at Rothfus Family Dental has a secret… She knows that the secret to success is surrounding herself with caring competent individuals. No one person can do it all or be the best at everything. That is why the doctor has put in place strong successful people in her office that love what they do and do it well.

When you enter our office Kimi and Cheryl are at the front to meet you with a warm smile and get you all checked in and make sure you are comfortable. They will make your follow up appointments, and also orchestrate payment from your dental benefits.

Our Team is Here to Make your Stay More Enjoyable

To keep your wait at a minimum, Teal and Amy, our dental assistants are quick to see you have arrived and will escort you to your own private dental treatment room. Their job is to make sure you are well cared for and comfortable during your dental procedure. They will ask you if you would like to try a warm paraffin hand bath, or would enjoy watching television with a set of noise cancellation headphones. If you need anything to make your stay more enjoyable, just ask!

If you are visiting our Medford, Oregon dental office to have your teeth cleaned, you will meet Robin, Kacey, or Rebecca our dental hygienists. They are caring, professional individuals, who will treat you with the latest in dental hygiene therapies. They are well educated and can make suggestions on how to improve your oral care and what products to use to make your efforts more effective.

The doctor truly believes she has brought together the best dental team for dentistry in Southern Oregon, and is happy to hear all your raving reviews. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can improve, feel free to call, email or fill out one of our online reviews. We read them all and take them all seriously!

Doctor Karla Rothfus

” I’m exceptionally proud of the team I’ve put together over the past 12 years. Each team member is an important part of our friendly and supportive environment. When you meet our team, you’ll know you’re in good hands.”