Apps to Smile About

Like the commercial says “There’s an app for that…” and we’ve found some apps to smile about. Usually you don’t think of smartphones and smiles – unless you are using your phone to take a photo of a smile…

While the apps discussed here are available for iPhones there are similar apps available for other Android and Google phones.

You know that you are supposed to brush  for two minutes every morning and at night – but do you time it? There are apps that will time you while you brush your teeth – using songs from your own playlist (Brush DJ). There are apps about flossing. The Philips Zoom virtual whitening app lets you to take a picture of your smile and shows how you would look with whiter teeth and then share the photo on Facebook or Twitter. These are both free apps and the Brush DJ would be really good for kids. Give us a call about your whitening appointment!

Dental Care HD is not free, but at 99 cents it gives tutorials on brushing, flossing, contains sections about dental problems and even gives nutritional information for optimal oral health. Sounds like it could be worth the money!

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