Digital Dentistry

We are living in the digital age and digital dentistry is here to stay. Most state-of-the-art dental practices now use digital x-rays, also called radiographs, instead of the old fashioned x-ray films. Digital x-rays give sharp, beautiful images instantly. No dark room with chemicals and waiting … [Read more...]

Can You Tell If You’ve Got A Too Decay?

There is a big dental myth that people can tell when they have a cavity! The truth is that tooth decay doesn't cause any discomfort - not until it is really serious. Toothache pain happens when tooth decay is very advanced and has already damaged the nerve. Allowing tooth decay to reach this … [Read more...]

Sticky Candy Causes Big Problems

Sticky candy is the cause of a lot of dental problems - including some you probably wouldn't think of. The problem with sticky candy for kids is that it literally "sticks" all that sugar to the teeth and lets the bad oral bacteria have a free-for-all in your child's mouth. This leads to cavities … [Read more...]

Say Cheese – It Helps Your Smile

Say "cheese" and help your smile! We usually say "cheese" in photos but now saying cheese might be a snack that is good for your teeth. Cheese seems to have certain properties that make it better at fighting cavities than other dairy products. New research was published in the May/June issue … [Read more...]

What is the Most Common Disease? Tooth Decay

Most people don't think of tooth decay as a "disease" but a recent study called the Global Burden of Disease 2010 founded that untreated tooth decay - also known as dental caries - was the most common of 291 major diseases and injuries. They estimate that cavities affect close to 4 billion people … [Read more...]