Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Services in Medford, Oregon

Teeth Whitenting Services in Medford,Oregon

Always wanted whiter, brighter teeth?  Wondered if you were a candidate for this treatment?  Have you always secretly been envious of someone’s young looking sparkling smile? The Dr. Karla Rothfus at Rothfus Family Dental in Medford, Oregon can make your dream a reality.  Patients come into our office asking about Teeth Whitening all the time.  Many of the questions are the same, so we would like to answer some of them here.

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You can have Whiter, Brighter Teeth!

At Rothfus Family Dental in Medford, OR, an examination of your teeth is required prior to whitening your teeth.  Your teeth need to be evaluated for tooth decay, crowns, fillings and what type of stain you may have on your teeth.

Fillings and Crowns will not Lighten during with Teeth Whitening

Many people don’t know it but fillings and crowns will not lighten. Therefore, when teeth get lighter during the teeth whitening process, you need to be aware that these fillings or crowns may not match.  To have a completely symmetrical smile, these restorations may need to be replaced.  This is something you need to know before treatment, because no one likes surprises!

Tooth whitening will not make tooth decay worse, but if you have tooth discoloration that you can see and it is from a cavity, this would need to be fixed by the dentist.  For the best result you should  have whitening done first so the filling matches perfectly.

Stains Need to be Removed Prior to Teeth Whitening

Teeth can be discolored or stained for various reasons.  They can have stains on the outside of them which can be removed easily by a dental hygienist.  Examples of this stain are coffee, red wine, tea and smoking.  This stain needs to be removed prior to teeth whitening with a dental cleaning so you can get the maximum results from your teeth whitening treatment.

Other discolorations can be from inside the tooth.  These can be related to the thickness of the tooth enamel, or due to various medications like tetracyclines that can darken the underlying tooth structures when the tooth is developing.  It is important to determine these things ahead of treatment because these types of discolorations can take considerably longer to treat, and may be better treated using porcelain veneers.

The Process of Teeth Whitening

Dr. Karla Rothfus has been offering teeth whitening services in Medord Oregon for over 15 years.  Whitening does not injure the tooth enamel.  The active material is carbamide peroxide gel consisting of different levels of strength.   The doctor will evaluate your teeth and recommend the level of teeth whitening she feels is most appropriate for you.  From there, upper and lower impressions will be taken of your mouth, and custom trays will be made, these are called whitening trays.  At a separate appointment a highly trained team member will try on the trays and check the fit.  They will also give you instructions for putting the gel in the trays.  You can expect to wear the trays for a maximum of one hour per day and generally most people see the results they want after just two weeks of whitening.

These are the things the dentist will discuss with you at your teeth whitening examination appointment, so everyone is on the same page regarding your treatment outcome.  Teeth whitening can make you more confident and feel better about yourself.  Some people report that their “faces hurt,” from smiling all the time after they had teeth whitening.

Rothfus Family Dental Teeth Whitening Special – Only $59!!

Rothfus Family Dental is offering a teeth whitening special.  For $59 you can get your upper and lower teeth whitened, a dental exam including x-rays, required prior to the treatment.  So if you have an important event coming up or you just want to pamper yourself, give the friendly team at Rothfus Family Dental in Medford a call today at 541-858-7994 or you can schedule and appointment for your teeth whitening exam online.