Tooth Fairy Price Inflation

The economy must be improving in Fairyland, as well as here in Oregon. It seems that the amount of money left by the Tooth Fairy in 2012 increased by 32 cents to an average amount of $2.42. Each year the Delta Dental folks run the Original Tooth Fairy Poll. In 2011 the average gift from the Tooth … [Read more...]

Prevention Saves Dental Treatment Costs

It has been estimated that for every dollar spent on prevention there is a four-dollar savings in dental treatment costs. That seems to be a pretty good return on your investment plus having a healthy mouth can improve your overall health! While most Americans  visit the dentist every year there … [Read more...]

Kids and Cavities Hit the News

Yesterday the New York Times reported on the increasing number of preschool aged children developing cavities - lots of cavities! The story was picked up by the NBC Nightly Newsand is now spreading across the newswires. Hopefully this publicity will be a wake up call for everyone involved in … [Read more...]

Cereal, Sugar and Your Kids

The nonprofit research group EWG (Environmental Working Group) looked at popular kids cereals and checked to see if they met the proposed federal guidelines for sugar, sodium, fats and whole grain content. They focused on sugar and found that 2/3 of the cereals studied contained more sugar than … [Read more...]

Is Halloween Bad for Kids Teeth?

On Halloween over 35 million little trick-or-treaters will hit the streets hoping to load up on lots of free candy but are they hurting their teeth? Each American consumes about 25 pounds of candy each year and I'm sure that the kids eat a lot more than the adults. While Halloween treats are not … [Read more...]