Yesterday the New York Times reported on the increasing number of preschool aged children developing cavities – lots of cavities! The story was picked up by the NBC Nightly News and is now spreading across the newswires. Hopefully this publicity will be a wake up call for everyone involved in protecting our kids teeth.

For the first time in 40 years the CDC reported an increase in cavities in kids – cavities had decreased dramatically once water was fluoridated but now people are drinking more bottled water. Other reasons for the increase include too much snacking, drinking juices and sweet beverages throughout the day,  poor dental hygiene care at home and never visiting the dentist.

The Times article stated that an increasing number of children are presenting with so many cavities and decay so severe that they require treatment under general anesthesia. Decay in over half of the 20 baby teeth is not uncommon and sadly most of this decay could be prevented. Proper home care including brushing and flossing are important. Drink tap water instead of bottled or ask your pediatrician about fluoride drops. Placing sealants on the chewing surfaces of teeth help protect against decay.

It is important to bring your child to the dentist early. This enables us to gauge their current dental health and get an idea of what their dental future may hold. Children who visit the dentist early and often also avoid developing anxiety or fear about the experience because it is part of the routine.

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