Top Excuses for Not Flossing

What's your excuse for not flossing? Only about half of us floss every day and 10% of Americans never floss which is too bad because flossing is vitally important for healthy teeth and gums. Here are some of the top excuses dentists hear from those who avoid flossing: I don't know how. OK, … [Read more...]

Poor Oral Health Increases Risk for HPV Infection

A recent study completed by the University of Texas Health Sciences Center found that poor oral health is a risk factor for oral infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). People who reported poor oral health had a 56% increase in the risk of HPV infection of the mouth or throat. HPV infection … [Read more...]

What’s Your Excuse for Avoiding the Dentist?

Human beings are really good at making excuses for things. Especially when it comes to avoiding doing things we know we should do... So what is your excuse for avoiding the dentist? Some people think oral health isn't very important (check the science - oral health is crucial to overall good … [Read more...]

Survey Says Bad Breath #3 Worst Smell

Survey says:  A British waste disposal company did a survey and found that bad breath was the third worst bad smell in Britain. I wonder how  the United States would rank bad breath if we did a similar survey? According to the survey the top ten worse smells in Britain are: Baby … [Read more...]

Top 3 Reasons People Skip The Dentist

People have lots of reasons for skipping their dental visits but they usually fall into 3 main categories including cost, anxiety or they feel that their teeth are healthy and they don't need care.  The truth is that everyone needs regular dental care! Our mouth allows us to eat, communicate, … [Read more...]